MassDevelopment makes a specialty of financing sophisticated tasks that want knowledge and cutting edge consideration.

The reasonable prices and versatile terms assist foster home and companies projects that establish financial positive for nearby forums while the condition in general. Plus they let you increase your surgery and stay aggressive in subject.

Brownfields Remediation

Brownfields Redevelopment account – The Brownfields Redevelopment investment budgets the environmental evaluation and remediation of brownfield places in Economically Distressed cities (EDAs) of the Commonwealth. In 2016, an operate in relation to work generation and staff progress (St. 2016, Ch.219), championed by Governor Baker and passed through legislature, approved $45 million over ten years through the Commonwealth capital cover the fund. Eligible professionals may get up to $100,000 in site examination funding, and/or to $500,000 in remedy investment.

Kinds of Redevelopment Fund Services:

  • The Brownfields website appraisal regimen supplies unsecured, interest-free money over to $100,000 for ecological examination of brownfields.
  • The Brownfields removal Loan Program provide flexible funding to $500,000 for green washing of brownfields.

Prior to redevelopment, MassDevelopment offers a real land finance or tax-exempt connect to finance assembling your project.

Various other condition brownfields training offering funding benefits put:

  • Brownfields taxation assets Program – The taxation credit program is definitely implemented because Massachusetts division of income while offering qualified corporations and nonprofits a taxation financing towards costs received to remediate corrupted house held or leased for sales functions and based out of a monetarily distressed area. Tax credit may be used against state tax indebtedness, or transferred or bought to businesses.

Rent University Loan Guarantee

By the Massachusetts rental college funding Guarantee account, MassDevelopment supplies assures for loans from banks or tax-exempt bonds financing the acquisition, design, or remodel of constitution college establishments tucked within Massachusetts.

For services owned by way of the faculty:

  • Debt assures cover a share on the first mortgage financing up to the lower of 50% or $3 million.
  • Mortgage improve fee is around 100% associated with house importance.

For establishments rented because college:

  • Funding warranties cover-up around the cheaper of $1,000,000 or 90% of the worth of facility improvements.

Commercial Home Loan

Properties personal loans can be used to fund premises obtain, remodel, design, and long-lasting financial.

Our personal real estate money course gives:

  • Personal loans or loan from the bank participations to $7,500,000
  • Building lending, often integrated cooperation with another bank
  • Permanent loan funding
  • Multi-tenant, mixed incorporate, industrial, manufacturing
  • Firms, small business, nonprofits
  • Rental property condominium homes
  • For owner-occupied house, loan move forward costs as many as 90per cent associated with the assets appreciate

Appearing Technology Fund

For info on the promising innovation investment, please check out – massdevelopment/etf

Technology Money

Whether your providers was broadening surgery and needs purchasing machines, MassDevelopment could actually help.

All of our merchandise financing course grants:

  • Lending or mortgage participations about $2,000,000
  • Secured rates funding
  • Mortgage provisions as much as seven a very long time
  • Finance boost rates around 85per cent of worth of new devices
  • Exporters may see 100percent credit for new technology

Exportation Financing

MassDevelopment gives the after products to aid firms that export or expect exportation products or services globally:

  • 100per cent Export Loan
  • 100% money for first time merchandise, leasehold innovations and dealing finances
  • Lending products over to $2,000,000
  • Interest-only payments for its first 12 months
  • Doing 7-year name and amortization

Export Finance Assurances

  • Loan assurances on working capital personal lines of credit or qualified personal loans
  • Catalog and profile receivable established as guarantee
  • About 70percent working capital financial available

More international deal information designed to exporters:

  • Massachusetts trade facility – One-on-one export counseling and complex help and support, exportation workshops, alongside treatments.
  • Massachusetts workplace of International business and Investment – operates to expand the Massachusetts economic climate by advertising and marketing their state sales internationally.
  • Massachusetts trade site hub – A one-stop resource for information and knowledge to assist firms become by subtracting advantageous asset of international opportunities.

Home Loan Cover Promise

MassDevelopment provides an assurance on a part of a financial institution property funding or tax-exempt connection. Our guarantee addresses the simple difference between a bank optimal allowable money enhance rates or more to 90% of this belongings appreciate, thus improving the volume of credit available to your business.

The mortgage loan insurance rates promise system features:

  • Money ensures around $2,000,000
  • Money progress numbers to 90per cent of the importance of the real assets

Assures are available for rent university money, tax-exempt securities, loans to companies that exportation equipment to intercontinental market, and working finances funding to producers.

Pre-development funding

Pre-development lending products can help finance early stage challenge charges, like new and manufacturing process or targeted traffic and feasibility investigations required to progress an assignment around the production stage. Our pre-development funding regimen includes financial products over to $100,000 and delayed interest rates.*

*Borrowers are required to offer a 50% match for MassDevelopment mortgage investments.


MassDevelopment provides financing from $25,000 to $250,000 to help not-for-profit 501(c)(3) communities located within Massachusetts pick up and set development machines. 100per cent of worth of investment in brand-new or put telecom and it machines, tools, and associated set up fees

Working-capital Mortgage

Production Designing Lending

MassDevelopment provides Manufacturing Coming Up With Loans as many as $50,000 with low interest rates and terms of doing 5 years. Loans may be used by production firms to afford consultant companies. Eligible guide legal agreements incorporate solutions to evaluate and develop interest (marketing and promotional), satisfaction (businesses growth), and loans and administration (strategic control).

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