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On Occupy: Roundtable Discussion with Angela Davis and Rev. James Lawson

“You’ll find never any ensures, but it’s important to work as if this were feasible to drastically transform the entire world.”

Erin Aubry Kaplan: Great, making this I guess the moment some people have already been awaiting. We’re planning posses a conversation on-stage with Angela Davis and Reverend James Lawson Uniform dating app. And before we become into that, I just should advise people that 20 minutes or so after the plan, you will still – the market shall be open for another 20 minutes or so following program, so there’s most fantastic information here still to bid on. So could we please perhaps you have all show up?

You-all decided in? ok. Well let’s only bring right into they. We’ve talked lots this evening about Occupy – the Occupy moves. It were only available in nyc also it’s spreading almost everywhere, and so I only want to query both what’s truly going on on earth at this time? Only a little concern, you realize?

James Lawson: What’s taking place around?