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Fortunate in Love: THE Zodiac Sign Get the Most Tinder Fits. Thanks to lockdown, lots of singletons are counting only on online dating sites to get the love of our life.

To check this, they produced a phony tinder accounts and altered the zodiac sign in the profile bio after every 300 swipes, to see which celebrity signal men and women are most and least likely to date.


Pisces – 74.3%

If you’re a Pisces you’ve got the greatest chance for matching on Tinder, 74.3percent of pages acquiring a complement. Pisces in many cases are regarded as one particular intimate and normal empaths, making them very easy to confide in and experts at giving information – many greatest signs of outstanding partner. Just take man Pisces Justin Bieber eg exactly who uploaded a poem he published for their spouse Hailey Bieber.

Cancer – 72%

Following in 2nd spot with 72% of fits include types of cancer. Ruled by moonlight, types of cancer will be the a lot of mental sign and much like Pisces they’re highly empathetic, and passionate that is demonstrably a plus to those swiping right.

Libra – 69.6%

In 3rd place include Libras, acquiring profitable swipes from 69.6% of Tinder people. Libras’ success can be put down to the fact that they’ve been easy workers, focusing on how to hit their clothes off with affection, appreciation and presents.

Leo – 68percent :

It’s a good time becoming a Leo, with this particular sign receiving 68% of all of the prospective fits. Not merely carry out they love obtaining enjoy, nonetheless take pleasure in giving they back in significantly because they’re recognized for her over-the-top romantic motions and theatrics.