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Why ban Tinder? Banning Tinder changes nothing, except offering its ‘halal’ rivals an edge.

The present choice to ban non-halal dating apps has triggered a stir on social media marketing. Regarding the real face from it, banning these apps is sensible because of the regulations and ethical codes regarding the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This, needless to say, just is valid when we assume that dating application users meant to defy the statutory guidelines of Pakistan.

But there is an explanation that is alternative users generally have an interest in finding a partner for wedding on their own. Then your concern arises why would users utilize non-halal certified dating apps such as Tinder whenever halal options can be obtained?

Let’s quickly think about the conventional context. Prior to the internet period “matchmakers” or “rishta aunties” had been the primary way of finding a compatible match for one’s young ones. The mechanism that is traditional that the moms and dads could chaperone any conferences should they took place after all.