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Profiled wanting ideal OkCupid profile instances you need to use to get more likes?

We’ve put together OkCupid profile “About Me” advice for each and every on the 6 prompts OkCupid lets you pick from.

Test these ideas out to see which one is the greatest fit for your own OkCupid profile!

OkCupid Profile “About Me” number 1: My Self-summary

OkCupid’s very first and a lot of prominent “About me” prompt are “My self-summary”. This OkCupid profile option is so basic it may become overwhelming to come up with an authentic and interesting solution to summarize yourself.

Our favorite go-to is list three preferred points — ingredients, pastimes, motion pictures — whatever you’re passionate about.

Restricting their list to 3 keeps your summary succinct and makes visitors interested in learning more about you in place of convinced they curently have your determined.


Jocelyn, 28 My self-summary worst horror motion pictures, sour alcohol, run in Riverside playground

Peter, 30 My self-summary Matcha addict, Minecraft designer, Michael Bay film critic

OkCupid Profile “About Me” number 2: Favorite Thing

Unless you are traveling, we witnessing your own OkCupid visibility probably reside in equivalent neighborhood whenever. Thus answering the “favorite thing about the place I live” fast with one thing really common regarding the town, like “sunshine, mountains, the individuals” is not what powerful.

OkCupid pages that provide a very specific worthwhile fact or anecdote are much more likely to have a doubletake.


Renee, 24 Favorite most important factor of the area I live i will see CBD tinctures for my self and my dog from at the least 3 places back at my block.

Stephen, 26 best benefit of the place we living We have probably top Indian food during the state, nay, the west.