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Appears like an apt improvement had been released without a reboot. Got rid of individual christian mingle

Same task happened to me after an apt update reboot. Today the os operates on kernel 4.19 and evok can’t access the modules. In my opinion the kernel segments include incompatible using new kernel.

Merely new apply of unipian was actually the best way to get the os operating once more without giving likely improve. Thoroughly clean install additionally fails from a clear raspbian stretching with github install guidelines.

Final time we ruined my working UniPian-Neuron-OS-2019-01-07-v1.9 with an appropriate improve and suitable upgrade. The evok services didn’t beginning once more after providing this commands.

Now i try to reinstall from thoroughly clean raspbian extend lite picture so there seems to be alike problems (guide from github)

What’s completely wrong here? How to make a clean build? And ways to keep your all-time operating community equipment up to date.

Now I shall go for the outdated UniPian Image rather than execute the likely improve demand 🙁

And here you will find the outputs from the build instructions:

Hello, The evok webssocket merely delivers the changing values(temperature) through the DS18B20 devices. If quite a long time a sensor value not improvement, no price is send with this length of time. Are you able to submit eg every five minutes the outdated unchanged advantages?

One DS18B20 are bad. To learn this option sensor was not effortless. Therefore, You will find each data type of the detectors (warming) individually connected to the coach following analyzed the 1-wire bus. (in the event that heating detector facts cables include disconnected, others 2 devices tend to be transmitting principles) never performed I detach GND and + 5V to a sensor.