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TELUS Spark supplies special applications made to promote experimentation, observation and collaborative reading for students, educators, and people

2015 Training Highlights

1. Developed two mathematics and dancing programs, broadening on all of our a€?Ma€? in STEAM offerings

2. provided exciting day camps on class pro development weeks

3. Welcomed a brand new cohort of 40 teachers to our year-long MOVE Lab plan

ADDED BONUS: We conducted two semesters in our Prototype job which engaged numerous Jr. and Sr. students

Looking Forward

1. Expand modified team-based specialist developing for educators

2. increase all of our awareness and exercise to raised meet the requirements of earliest Nations youngsters

3. offer new backyard tools to make use of all of our 6-acre park

INCENTIVE: Expand our very own Drive From programming


By: Diane Greenwood, Manager, Studies, TELUS Spark

TELUS Spark supplies unique tools made to foster testing, observation go to tids website and collective studying for students, educators, and individuals.